Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering with six decades of experience.

We are your partner in innovative engineering design.

We thrive on problem solving and functional design through a collaborative effort.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – Mechanical Engineers in Virginia

Mechanical Engineering

From complete HVAC system design to renovations and component replacements, our mechanical services ensure users are comfortable and your buildings are healthy, energy conscious, and easy to maintain. Great HVAC system design supports everyone’s ability to do their job comfortably and effectively, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – Eletrical Engineers in Virginia

Electrical Engineering

Proper power and lighting is about more than just flexible illumination for day to day activities. The safety of a building relies upon the electrical systems to guide occupants during emergencies or power failure. From state of the art communication technology to power resiliency and quality, our systems are designed to keep users safe and secure in every space.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineers in Virginia

Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineering

When developing plumbing systems, we have the health of the building and its users in mind. We are ensuring sanitation and life safety standards are met while simultaneously considering how to be as efficient as possible with those resources. Our team is also skilled in the design of distribution of gases and fluids for specialized industries like healthcare and manufacturing.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – MEP Engineers in Virginia

Construction Administration

During construction, we act as a representative and advocate for the design. We are there to ensure the design work is properly translated into real working systems. Our team will be on site actively reviewing questions and making observations to support the project‘s overall success. We are a partner in the process being completed on time and on budget.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – Building Commissioning Engineers in Virginia

Building Systems Commissioning

The increase in system technology requires an experienced understanding of system design to test its functionality. Our team has over 30 years of experience commissioning our design work in the field, as well as third-party commissioning projects. We simulate multiple scenarios and confirm that each mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system operates as it was designed.


What makes Thompson Consulting Engineers different?

Thompson Consulting Engineers – MEP Design partners in Virginia

We are a trusted partner in design

Our team is passionate about supporting the design intent and vision for every project we collaborate on. We know what it takes to integrate systems into even the most complex of custom designed spaces. Our experience in this area helps a design vision succeed and contributes to the overall quality of the built environment.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – MEP Engineers in Virginia

we listen & customize our work

In every project, we begin and end by listening to a client’s needs. You have worked hard to develop a set of standards and we always customize our work to fit. One size fits all design will never be right for us because it’s rarely right for the client. Ultimately, our goal is to confirm you and your team are comfortable and knowledgeable with every new system in your hands.

Thompson Consulting Engineers – sustainable design engineers in Virginia

we understand innovative systems

We are passionate about integrating technology into modern buildings and exploring new ways to update older buildings for energy savings and maximum comfort. This innovation expertise extends into our design partnerships by providing exceptional drawings that balance sustainability goals with realistic budgets and challenging schedules.

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After 25 years working together,Thompson Consulting Engineers continues to be our go-to firm for systems design. Their team understands the overwhelming need for A/E teams to meet and exceed client expectations and we have come to trust their team as an integral role in the design process.